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 Red Bull Back To San Diego

The Red Bull Air Races will return to San Diego this year with an early spring date. The second race of the year will be held in the southern California city April 15-16.

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 Short Final

Often the hardest part of flying into a big Class B airport is finding your way around on the ground. After landing at Washington Dulles, I heard this exchange on the ground frequency ... Hawker: "Ground, Hawker xxx, uh, we're having some trouble finding Foxtrot" ... Ground: "Hawker xxx, where are you?" ... Hawker: "We're at Zulu and Zulu 2." ... Ground: "Go south on Zulu." ... (delay) ... Hawker: "Ground, Hawker xxx, sorry, but we still can't seem to find it." ... Ground: "OK yeah, just keep going, you have another 2 miles to go." Jonathan Wang

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 More Experimental PMAs Likely

Owners of certified aircraft could soon have affordable access to a wide range of cutting-edge technology now reserved for the amateur built market thanks to an emerging joint effort by EAA and the FAA.

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 NTSB: Pilot Received Type Rating Weeks Before Fatal Crash

The pilot of the Cessna Citation that crashed into Lake Erie in December had received his type rating in the jet three weeks before the accident, according to the NTSB's preliminary report. The 2012 CJ4, owned and flown by Columbus, Ohio, businessman John T. Fleming, crashed on the night of Dec. 29 shortly after takeoff from Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport, killing Fleming and all five passengers.

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