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 GAMA Reports Drop In Aircraft Sales For 2015

General aviation airplane shipments fell 9.1 percent in the first half of this year compared to last year, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association reported Friday. GA rotorcraft shipments also dropped this year so far, with 447 delivered, down from 502 in the first half of 2014. Piston airplane deliveries rose between the first quarter and the second quarter, which saw 271 shipments, but overall fell 11.8 percent in the first half of 2015, from 526 aircraft last year to 464 this year.

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 Facebook Builds UAS That Beams Down Wi-Fi

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday his social networking company just finished building an unmanned aerial system that can "beam down Internet connectivity from the sky." It's called Aquila, and demonstrates not only solar-powered flight, but a new way to connect to the Internet. The project is part of Internet.org, whose mission is to get the Web to those who don't have access to it.

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 Two More Vie For "Oldest Pilot" Title

When George Neal, 96, flew his de Havilland Chipmunk in Canada to qualify as the "world's oldest active pilot" in the Guinness Book of World Records, it wasn't surprising to hear about pilots who are older yet. Among them, at least elsewhere in North America, are two fellow nonagenarians who will celebrate their birthdays in the coming weeks.

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 New This Week

AVweb's search of aviation news around the world found a new fire-containment product for air crews, a UAV safety campaign from the agricultural aviation industry, a new executive announced by Skanska USA, and a university scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year.

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