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Single Engine Piston Aircraft
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The most popular category within GA and historically domintaed by Cessna and Piper, these aircraft are ideal for personal ownership. Aircraft types range from single-seater sport aerobatic aircraft through to 4, 6  and even 8 seater commuter aircraft.

Other popular manufacturers of  certified GA aircraft include Beechcraft, Bellanca and Mooney.


The emerging LSA category will play an increasingly more important role within the NCTA type.

1980 Cessna 210 Pressurized

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Multi Engine Piston Aircraft
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Epitomised by the ever popular Beechcraft Baron B58 and the Piper Seneca, this is category caters for both private usage as well as business including Charter use.


Typical aircraft within this category generally outperform ther single engined competitors in terms of speed and load carrying capacity.These are complex performance aircraft which include pressurised versions such as those in the 300 and 400 Series from Cessna.

1974 Piper PA31-350 Chieftain

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Single Engine Turbo Prop Aircraft
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This category includes modern single engined turbine powered aircraft such as the Cessna 208A-"Baby Van" , the Pilatus PC 12 and through to the twin engined magnificent Beechcraft King Air series.


Most aircraft within this category are professionally managed and utilised primarily for commercial business use.The versatile Cessna Caravan- C208B- has become the single most popular aircraft for the transportation of guests to and from the many and various game and wildlife tourist destinations within South Africa.

1998 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

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Business Jets
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The Learjet 23 from Gates (now owned by Bombadier) became the first small jet aircraft to enter mass production in the late 1960's and remains perhaps the best  example of a private business jet.The industry developed rapidly and many of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers  now have offerings in this area.


Other leading Examples her include the Cessna Citation, Embraer, Raytheon Premier,


More recently, Light and Very Light Jets(VLJ's) are starting to impact on future regional transport accross Africa.

1982 L39C
1968 Cessna 182L
$ 55,000 NEG excl VAT and Commission

1967 Cessna 210G
R903,000 excl VAT and Commission

1980 Cessna 172RG
R 699,000 excl VAT and Commission

1972 Piper PA32 Cherokee 6
R960,000 excl VAT and Commission


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