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    Cessna 182RG - 1980
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1980 - Cessna 182RG
1980 - Cessna 182RG
1980 - Cessna 182RG
1980 - Cessna 182RG
1980 - Cessna 182RG
1980 - Cessna 182RG
Price: R1,900,000
Excluding VAT
Exterior Detail:

White with blue and silver stripes 9/10

Interior Detail:

Beige leather and trim 9/10

Total Airframe Hours:
Total Engine Hours:
100 SMOH
Total Prop Hours:
100 SNEW




New panel installed

Dual Bendix King KMA-24H Audio Panels PILOT-COPILOT

Dual Bendix King KY-196 Narco 811 Digital flip/flop 760 Channel Com

Bendix King KI-204 Glide Slope Indicator

406 ELT

New Just installed Garmin GTN 650 touch screen IFR

Bendix King KN-53 Nav Receiver w/Glide Slope

Bendix King KR-87 Digital ADF with slaved KI229 indicator

Bendix King KA-44B ADF Antenna

Bendix King KI-229 RMI slaved HSI, NAV 1&2, ADF

Bendix King KT-76A Transponder with Mode C

Bendix King KN-63 Digital DME Receiver

Bendix King KDI-572 DME Indicator-COUPLED BOTH NAVS

Bendix King KR-22 Marker Beacon Receiver (Remote Mounted)

Bendix King KCS-55A Slaved HSI W/boot strap output-AFF & SS 

Bendix King KA-118 Demodulator

Bendix King KFC-200 Flight Control System w/Flight Director-fully coupled 

Bendix King KA-144 Servo Regulator

Bendix King KEA-129 Encoding Altimeter

Bendix King 5934PA-1 Standby Altimeter

WX-1000E EFIS System storm scope, coupled GPS, Gyro Slaving to HSI

GEM-603 Insight Graphic Engine Monitor System

Shadin Mini-flow Fuel System / coupled GPS (STC'd) Davtron Digital Clock, Avionics Cooling Fan, Avionics master switch

Standby Vacuum Pump System,

General Information:


New Paint Job

No Damage History


Professionally flown aircraft by highly trained IFR pilots, used for surveillance at low power settings and usually a lot of night flights for US Government. 

The plane has been on a progressive Cessna Maintenance schedule on 50 and 100 hr. intervals.

Airframe was Zero by Beechcraft at a cost of $90 000 in 2006 (new Airframe 2050 Hours) Cessna was to busy and could not manage this job as the US Government send in 50 of their planes to Zero the Airframe.All documented.


92 gallon "wet wing" 95 Amp Alternator / 28V System Factory Zinc Carburetor Air Temp Indicator


Rosen Sun Visors

Strobe Lights

Bas shoulder harness pilot / copilot

4-Place Intercom




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