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XMS Systems CMS and Aircraft Sales Module

XMS Systems CMS and Aircraft Sales Module

Overview of XMS Systems Content Management System and Aircraft Sales Module plug-in.

Introduction To XMS Systems

Aircraft Sales Module Overview.

XMS Systems Content Management framework is most certainly not the most used framework on the internet. The reason for this is simple…

We are not interested in the “number of users” but rather “who” is using XMS Systems. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients and take pride in each and every website. We see the success of your website as a success to XMS Systems.

I was taught very early in life that nothing is for free, There is always a cost. On the internet, that cost is, unfortunately, most often a lack of security with the loss of personal information and costs after hackers got in via a known security hole. Unfortunately, most website owners only realise that after their website has been hacked. Second to that is maintenance cost.

During our time providing a hosting service to our customers over at Exelwebs we have realised that a lot of businesses, organisation and private people would love to have a website but simply can not afford the huge costs and investment required to develop a proper functional and scalable website that are up to scratch with the latest “best practices”.

Sure there are other content management systems available on the market for “free”, some of them very popular and some of them very easy to use. The problem with all of them is you still need someone that knows how that content management system works or at the very least you will have to learn how it works.

That leaves you with a problem... When you need assistance where do you go?  The only place would be public forums or paid assistance from a Webmaster. Some make your website look like 1000’s of other as templates get re-used. 

Our aim with XMS Systems Content Management Framework is to make it easy and affordable for you as a company or individual to create and manage your own website while maintaining individuality and security of a high standard.

You will not find XMS Systems anywhere for purchase or download and are only hosted on Exelwebs servers.

Structure of XMS Systems Content Management Framework.

Depending on your needs you can start off with the minimum, absolute basic, content management system and expand the system to suit your needs.

The basics, however, is not as basic as it might sound let's take a look at what is available.

The basic includes...

  • A complete set of the minimum pages that any website needs in order to function.
  • Create, edit and delete unlimited additional pages.
  • Unlimited Multilevel Nested Menu.
  • Unlimited Members can register to your website
  • Extensive Access Control to Members and multilevel Administrators.
  • Unlimited Newsletter categories to registered members and Subscribers
  • Integrated Newsletter application to compile and send your newsletters
  • Advance Integrated SEO capabilities with “Microdata” tags
  • Social network linking to most of the popular social networks.
  • Automatic creation of “Twitters Cards” and properly formatted posts to Facebook and Google+
  • Unlimited Categorised Image galleries
  • Unlimited Categorised “Links” paged to build important/useful link lists
  • Unlimited Categorised Downloads. Downloadable files allowed are the most popular extensions.
  • All pages are gzip compressed for lightning speed downloading

Core Features of XMS Systems

Integrated Support system
We understand that getting help when you don’t understand something is the hardest part of setting you your own website. For that reason, we integrated a live chat support system right into the administration section. Obviously, we also need to sleep sometime so the chat doubles as a central contact point to submit support tickets. With the support system, we can track where you are and in the admin section as well as where you are in the world. So it doubles as an additional layer of security.

Easy Upgrades
Keeping your application up to date with the latest version is always a mission. XMS Systems have a built-in, one button upgrade option making is an easy process. Well, to be honest, we usually take care of it on behalf of your clients.

Media Manager
Build into every instance of the content editor is an option to upload and manage your media files. You have the option to create folders to organise things as well as download everything to your desktop.

Banner Manager
Updating your banner has never been easier. Your banner will automatically be adjusted in size to fit your website perfectly. Obviously, you need to adhere to basic guidelines when creating the banner in the first place. The banner manager will also allow you to have an unlimited number of active banners on your site. Randomly selecting one from the active list to display, possibly, a different banner every time a page is loaded.

Contact Manager
Contact pages is a boring necessity on any website. XMS Systems allows you to define an unlimited number of contacts/departments that are selectable from a simple drop-down menu on the contact page. A nugget is also available if your business is located in a country where it is a legal requirement to display your company’s physical address on your website.

A comprehensive search facility is available via nuggets or a dedicated search page to assist your site visitors to find that interesting article/blog entry or the “gift of the year” from your e-commerce section. New articles and products are indexed as soon as they are entered into the website.

Content Management
Not a surprise to find this one on the list of core features. You know your product, so no one better than you to manage your content.

Content Versioning
XMS Systems gives the administrator the option to make a backup of the content before starting to edit anything. The backup will record and display the name of the person that made the backup as well as the date and time it was backed up on making it an unmissable feature in the multi-admin environment,

News Letter Management
The newsletter module is the perfect way to stay in touch with your clients/members and caters for an unlimited number of mailing lists with an unlimited number of newsletters. You will know exactly how many newsletters will be sent in a batch. Batches can be reset to resend all newsletters. In any case, the News Letter Manager will not send the same newsletter to the same email address twice unless you reset a batch. This nicely takes care of any newsletters that get accidentally duplicated to a different list or one member that are subscribed to two different lists and the same letter needs to be sent to both lists. Newsletter subscribers are also possible so a subscriber doesn't have to be a member of your website to get a newsletter. Subscribers are grouped under a separate list so you can keep “members only” stuff away from subscribers.

Extensive Access Control
Members can be given different access levels and site pages/articles/tours and discount values can be allocated on a per access level basis. In the case of pages and articles, the higher access level gets progressively access to more information. Members et as administrators get access to everything a normal member will have as well as on a “per administrator” case access to whatever function is allocated to him/her in the administration section.

Menu Manager
Any page that can be viewed on the website can be linked to a menu item. Menus are unlimited and can be nested up to an unlimited number deep. Things start to get complicated to navigate after about 3 levels deep. Menu options can be controlled by Access Control as well. Furthermore, you have the option to show or hide a menu item based on time and date parameters. This allows you to compile a time-sensitive page and set it up on the menu in advance and the Menu Manager will automatically display the page when the selected date/time arrives.

Mobile First Responsive framework
Currently, more than 50% of your website visitors will access your website using some form of mobile device. It is the first time in the internet history that mobile devices have overtaken desktop devices. Based on this it makes sense to design your website to be “Mobile” first”.
There are many approaches to this with most making use of “mobile specific” web pages. XMS Systems used a better and more modern approach by using a “Responsive Layout”. That means your website will look good on any device without having to develop pages specifically for mobile devices.
Check your website using the “Google Responsive test”

CSS Override options
XMS Systems uses a template system that allows you to change page layouts at will. This means you do not need a webmaster to help you with changing something small on your website. Having this ability you might run into a situation where you want to change the way how a specific element looks on a specific page. Using the “CSS Override” option you can change the look of anything on your page by simply entering valid CSS options on the specific field on your page.

More than 700 font families
Wouldn’t it be nice to use the same font for your page heading that you are using in the company banner/logo? Because XMS Systems doesn’t use the “normal” template layout you have the option to add any of the more than 700 Google Fonts to be used on your website. This really opens up the option to have a truly unique website.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)
XMS Systems uses a CDN to host some of the files your website are made up from. These files would be in general use across multiple websites you visit on a regular base. If your browser finds you already used a specific file on a different website, it will not download it again but used the cached file instead.

GZIP & Browser Cache
Hosting your website with Exelwebs you can be assured that it will be lightning fast. GZIP is a functionality enabled on all Exelwebs hosting account that “compresses” page before it is served from the server. Furthermore, your website makes extensively use of “Browser Caching” to avoid downloading files more than once if the same file/image is used on a second page the visitor is viewing.

Automated Facebook Fan Page updates
XMS Systems closely integrates with Facebook to allow you to post article/ e-commerce products and tour updates to your Facebook fan page with the click of a single button. This means that as soon as you added a new article or product your website an image, summary and link will be posted to Facebook to notify your followers of the update without you having to copy and paste the link and type yet another summary into Facebook.

Facebook image integration – Limited Cloud Storage
Most business websites already have a “Facebook Fan Page” with photos uploaded showing different products or “things” that are “in the news”. Using the same custom-developed application that we use for the Facebook Updates, you can “pull in” any of your Facebook Fan Page Image Galleries and “attache” it to your articles or tours. This means that the images don't;t have to be hosted on your website saving you precious disc space and bandwidth on your hosting account

Micro-data/Structured Data
Everyone wants their website to score high on Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPS). Having good content just isn’t enough anymore. You also need to actively promote your content. part of this is to “tell” the search engines who and what you are and give them specific information regarding articles and products.
XMS Systems automatically generates most of the required information and every time the Search Engine Bot visits your website it will collect this information and use it to index and rank your page.

Using XMS Content Management system

You should be able to master the basics within a couple of minutes. If you can use a word processor or can compose an email in rich text format, you will be able to use XMS Systems.

Setting up your website

We will assist you with the basic information that is needed for a functional website, we will even help you choose the colours and do some graphics work for you.

Unfortunately, you are the person with the knowledge on the subject the website will be carrying so you will have to do the copy-writing on the pages. We will assist with layout and formatting if you get stuck so don't worry too much.

Creating your pages is as simple as 1-2-3...

  1. Click a button to create a page
  2. Fill in the blanks
  3. Add the page to the menu.

That's it... nothing more nothing less...

Expanding the XMS Systems Content Management Framework

XMS Systems can be expanded with the following modules that integrate 100% for the rest of the framework.

  • Articles Module
  • Calendar / Booking System
  • E-Commerce
  • Point of Sale
  • Tour Operator Module
  • Testimonial Module
  • Aircraft Sales Module
  • Training and Examination module
Aircraft Sales Module

The XMS Systems Aircraft Sales Module is aimed at the Aircraft Brokers advertising and selling aircraft online.

Initially, the module was developed as a stand-alone module for a major international aircraft broker located in South Africa.

This new and improved Aircraft Sales Module is totally redeveloped from scratch and integrates seamlessly with the core XMS Systems CMS framework. It is fully responsive with a number of options to ensure your aircraft is presented in the best possible way while protecting your important aircraft information from prying eyes.

The XMS Systems Aircraft Sales Module is still under development and should be available for BETA testing by the end of August 2018. Please contact us if you are interested in this module.

Notable features include the following

  • Unlimited Aircraft Categories
  • Unlimited number of aircraft ads
  • Basic aircraft information – Able to lock-down information to registered users if needed
  • Advanced Aircraft information, general and avionics sections – Able to lock-down information to registered users if needed
  • Advanced Engine, Prop, Gearbox and Rotor hours – Able to lock-down information to registered users if needed
  • Aircraft Wiki for general information about a specific model – Able to lock-down information to registered users if needed
  • Administration information displayed on front-end – Locked-down to Administrators only.
  • Admin can turn off all “locked-down” information as needed globally
  • “Locked-down” information set per aircraft
  • Keep track of when the aircraft was added to the database
  • Keep track of who is responsible for keeping the aircraft information up to date
  • Keep track of when the aircraft was last updated and by who
  • 6 Images per aircraft
  • Automatically add new additions to home-page – If enabled
  • Automatically display active categories on home-page – If enabled
  • Automatically display aircraft manufacturers, with aircraft listed, on home-page – If enabled
  • Option to easily post any aircraft to company facebook page
  • On Page configurable information request form
  • Aircraft Search function
  • Display company logos on homepage based on a random selection of manufacturers of aircraft you have for sale in your database.
  • Featured Aircraft nugget
  • Aircraft Category Nugget
  • Aircraft indexed by “Type”
  • Aircraft indexed by “Manufacturer”
Note: XMS Systems cannot and will not guarantee your XMS Systems based website will never be hacked. If you have sensitive information that can definitely not fall into the wrong hand our suggestion is to not put it on the internet. That is the only way we can guarantee 100% data confidentiality.
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